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By booking homfoto you are agreeing to the following terms.


All Orders/bookings are made through online scheduling platform. Homfoto reserves the right to change or cancel an order as a result of printing errors, technical problems, delivery issues, force majeure or similar.

You are strictly prohibited to work directly with any of Homfoto’ photographers, without consent from Homfoto.

Personal Information / Privacy Policy:

Homfotos’ website employs high internet principles for securing data encryption for all online transactions. Homfoto’’ website applies internet “cookies and session variables” to save and store your login information as you use the website. It is strongly recommended that you remember to logout of your account after each session online, if you use a public computer/laptop. We only store the information, which you have typed and submitted in the signup ordering process. We do not store any other private or sensitive information. We might share your personal information (except your credit card and other monetary information) with other corporations with whom we might have collaborative and combined marketing and advertising arrangements with, or with companies we cooperatively offer Real Estate photography services to. These firms are obligated to uphold the same level of security and privacy standard as we provide. Nevertheless, when you visit their website you are subject to the privacy policy provided by them. You automatically give Homfoto the right to use the photos taken for you, for marketing and advertising purposes of Homfoto, (e.g. in newsletters, banners, online and offline advertisement and Social Media as well as print, TV-commercials etc.) You may at any time object to the registration of information. Should you have any questions regarding the protection of your information, please contact us at


All prices are in USD. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Payment terms:

All Homfoto customers prepay for the Homfoto services and products, at the time of booking the appointment. All payments are made online, directly All payments must be received at the same time of ordering our products, or services will not be carried out unless special terms have been agreed by written contract prior to the time of ordering. A range of Credit Cards and Debit Cards can be used on the website. Homfoto will charge your Credit/Debit card at the time of ordering for all charges and services provided unless other terms are agreed to in writing. Your Credit/Debit Card may be billed again after you place an order for extra fees due to local market conditions, re-booking after no call/no show on the day of the appointment or if you decide to later upgrade to another photo package. Examples of extra fees can include add-on photoproducts, travel fees and no show fees etc. The photos, floorplans and video content will be hosted for 3 months on our Homfoto server. In case legal action is required to collect unpaid balances, you agree to compensate Homfoto for all expenses related to claim unpaid sums, which includes but is not limited to lawyer’s fees and other legal expenditures.

Changing or Cancelling a Booking:

Changes or cancellations to a booking must happen no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of appointment. If a booking is changed after this deadline, a rescheduling administration fee of $50 USD will be charged; your preferred new appointment time will be subject to availability. If a cancellation occurs within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment, you will not be eligible for a refund and you will need to place a new booking if you wish to proceed later.  RealtorShots may at any time change or cancel a booking if weather conditions are deemed unfit for the assignment to be completed. You will be informed if this is the case in order to make arrangements for a new booking. The Realtor/Home Owner needs to provide access to the property, which needs to be photographed. The Realtor or the Homeowner can be present during the photoshoot. If the Realtor/Home Owner is late or does not show up to provide access to the property at the agreed scheduled time (unless there is prior written agreement for the photographer to have unsupervised access), Homfoto will consider waiting time of more than 15 minutes as no show, and a rescheduling fee of USD $50 is applied to the order. Or no show fees will be applied, which means that the booking and order are considered done and delivered by Homfoto. A new booking can be made online for the full price.

Right of Cancellation & Complaints:

Homfoto has a non-refund policy, which means payments and orders made on RealtorShots cannot be refunded. We will happily issue a credit to your Homfoto account that can be used for a new order. The credit expires after 12 months. Moreover, Homfoto does not offer cancellations/refunds once the photographs have been taken or service initiated, as we deliver a product that is customized and adapted for each customer and order. If you are dissatisfied with the results, we will work with you to try and meet your expectations by carrying out product-reviews and/or reshooting the property at our discretion. Complaints must be filed within 3 working days after a final product/service has been delivered. If no such complaint has been made within this time frame, the booking is considered fulfilled, delivered and approved. Therefore, you must place and pay for a brand-new order online, if you have any additional changes/requests or complaints after the time frame of 3 working days.

Responsibilities & Liability:

Homfoto does not accept any responsibility for the delay in bookings as a result of extreme weather conditions, uncommon traffic or transportation conditions, power failure, system failure, system hacking, force majeure or other unanticipated events etc. Homfoto does not accept responsibility for damage to personal artefacts or property, made during a photoshoot. It is the sole responsibility of the home/property owner to ensure that personal property or artifacts are placed securely or put away prior to the scheduled time of appointment. Homfoto will not cover claims for compensation as a result of home/property owner’s failure to comply with the above. By booking an appointment or service with us, you agree that Homfoto is not liable for any damage to personal artefacts or property and does not cover the cost for this. RealtorShots does not accept any responsibility for how the delivered products are used or applied by the customer. All liability remains with the customer. Homfoto does not accept responsibility for missing pets during a booking it is the sole responsibility of the home/property owner to ensure that all pets are secure during the appointment or service. Independently contracted suppliers (i.e. the photographers) provide all services. Homfoto, nor it’s independently contracted suppliers (i.e. photographers) are not liable for any negligence, damages, or any wrongdoing on the part of the independent service representative. Homfoto, nor its independently contracted suppliers, is not responsible for damages, delays or failures in performance resulting from acts or occurrences beyond our reasonable control such as acts of God, weather, or other uncontrollable conditions that prohibit services from being rendered as promised. (Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Acts of Terrorism, etc.). Homfoto does not accept responsibility for weather conditions and it can therefore not be guaranteed that it will not rain or snow during a booking. Homfoto guarantees Blue Sky on outdoor photos when it is not heavily raining or snowing, but not on indoor photos with a window view. If new outdoor shots are needed, a booking must be made for a Seasonal Update. Homfoto cannot guarantee photos taken of amenities and common areas at condominiums and buildings since most condominiums and buildings often have restricted rules in regard to photography and video. However, an attempt to photograph the building, these common areas and amenities will be made so long as you request it in writing at the time of booking.

Limitations of Liability:

As a representation of the property, Homfoto does not decide or authenticate the accuracy or correctness of floor plans, furnishing colors, furniture placement or the correctness of any other item in regard to the dimensions, scale, actual layout, color accuracy of the images used to present the property. Homfoto accepts no liability for the accuracy or correctness of any of these elements. If for any reason lawsuits occur that causes a customer of any Homfoto product or service to bring lawsuits against Homfoto, or any of its subsidiaries, affiliates, subcontractors or employees, it is hereby agreed that the maximum compensation for damages, which could be given to those using Homfoto’ visualization services and/or platform would be a total amount not greater than the amount paid to Homfoto for its product or service, or  its subsidiaries, affiliates, subcontractors or employees any of whom may be acting on Homfoto’ behalf. The accuracy and correctness of products delivered by Homfoto is to be verified by the Customer.

Delivery Times:

Images and other products are usually delivered within 24 hours following a completed photoshoot during Monday-Friday. If the photo shoot takes place on a Saturday, your images and products will be delivered on Tuesday. Please note that the delivery time for each product may take longer. Delivery Times are also subject to external factors as specified in section 7.

Preparation for Photography:

Customers must ensure that the property is in a clean and tidy condition, prior to photography. Photographers cannot be responsible for moving items, cleaning or tidying up a property or rooms within the property before, during or after a booking. When a booking is placed, a Preparation Guide will be shared which will help the Realtor or Homeowner in preparation for the session. However, should a photographer evaluate during the booking that the property is not in an acceptable condition for photography, the Realtor or Homeowner will be informed, and a new photoshoot appointment will be offered. This will incur a rescheduling fee of USD $150 at Customer’s cost. If the Customer wishes the session to be continued despite this, Homfoto cannot be held responsible for the outcome of the delivered images.


Additional fees can be added to your photography shoot. These include travel outside of our normal service area, parking fee, late fee, no-show fee, etc. Contact Homfoto ( for more details. In the event the photographs do not meet our standards of quality and professionalism, we will re-shoot the property at no charge to you. (See article 7) If however, you request additional photographs or services for seasonal changes, or night shoots, or just additional images, then additional fees will apply. When the home is photographed, Homfoto customers are responsible for the following: 1) Ensure that the property is made available with access for the photographer to all areas of the property that will be shot. 2) Ensure that the property is photo-ready and clean (please read the online Preparation Guide for tips and tricks for the photography, prior to the appointment). 3) In case, the property is not ready for photography, Homfoto photographer may choose to cancel photography. Advanced 24-hour notice to the Homfoto photographer is required or a new shoot fee may apply. 4) If the Homfoto photographer arrives at the property and it is untidy, the Homfoto photographer will not declare the property not photo-ready but will shoot the property. 5) If the customer is not pleased with the photos because of the unreadiness of the property for photography and would like to have the property re-shot, a new shooting fee and travel fees will apply, which means a brand-new order must be placed and paid for if you would like to have the property reshot.

High-resolution photographs are provided to you for your marketing efforts. These files will be available to download for up to 3 months after the photoshoot. After this time, the files are archived or deleted, and a fee will be charged if you require the original files (where/if available). Not all files can be retrieved/unarchived. It is the Customer’s responsibility to download and save all the delivered files.

Express Bookings / Weekend Bookings / Transportation Fees:

If a booking is to be conducted no later than the next working day a 50% express fee may be added. If a booking is to be conducted during a weekend or National Holiday a 50% express fee may be added. If a property is placed so that the photographer will incur road tolls, these may be charged directly to the credit card used at the time of booking.

Weather conditions:

Our photographers will always endeavour to make bookings on days when the weather forecast bodes no heavy rain. In case of heavy rain, wind or storm, the photo shoot can be scheduled for another time, free of charge.


Customers may not upload copyrighted material to Homfoto servers. Customers undertake all responsibility for validating that customer has the copyright or authorization to use any digital upload whether text, audio, video, or image on Homfoto’ servers. If the customer does not hold the copyright to a particular digital file the customer wishes to upload, the customer must provide written proof to Homfoto that they have authorization and consent from the copyright holder to upload the digital file. Homfoto will provide audio files that Homfoto has the license to use, which can only be used for background audio. The Customers cannot provide or request any specific audio music to be used by Homfoto for any ordered products. Homfoto has the copyright to any video, floorplans, any products ordered including imagery provided by Homfoto and its photographers. Customer hereby frees and releases Homfoto and accepts responsibility for any copyright contravention enforcement if such enforcement appears.

Internet Presentation:

All images shown on the Homfoto website are the property of Homfoto. Homfoto’ customers have unlimited rights to use the pictures Homfoto provides them directly as they find suitable. Properties that are photographed may be put on our website and social media profiles and will be made available for public viewing. Your name and contact information might also be attached to these pictures/video content/listings and might be shown online and can be found by search engines, unless otherwise expressly written by the customer. Homfoto might send your listing data to other real estate portals and websites (for instance Realtor, MLS etc.) for boosting and increasing the exposure of your listings. If you do not want this to take place, you can request that we do not send your listing data to third party firms. Homfoto is not responsible for how third-party websites use this information. We do not guarantee the correctness, accessibility or content from third-party firms’ websites. Customer is liable to authenticate Homfoto presentation is compatible with the brokerage, brand firm and real estate association’s rules and regulations regarding the presentation of listings and advertising. You may be granted a limited, nonexclusive right to use the URL link to our website or any property on this website as long is it does not portray Homfoto or its photographer or any of its other products or services in a false, misleading, derogatory, or otherwise defamatory manner. This limited right may be revoked at any time for any reason whatsoever.

General Information:

Homfoto in Georgia is based in Georgia and is subject to its laws and jurisdiction. Homfoto uses independent subcontracted suppliers (i.e. photographers) for its services. The terms and conditions are exclusive and only understanding and agreement between Homfoto and the customer. No other terms or conditions affect except if it is stated by prior written agreement. These terms and conditions may be adjusted from time to time. Consequently, please read this paper regularly for changes and latest updates.

List of Examples of Fees:

All prices are in USD. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Rescheduling fee: $ 50 (if you change the time of appointment within 24 hours of the actual scheduled time)
No show fee: If customer is more than 15 minutes late to the scheduled appointment and photographer has no means and/or written permission to enter property unsupervised, Homfoto considers the appointment fulfilled our photographer will leave and no refund will be disbursed.

Prepare for the Photoshoot: 

We recommend you arrive 15 min before the photographer is scheduled to, in order to make sure that the home is ready for the photoshoot, e.g. If you want to move furniture around, or do some cleaning. Remember to open all blinds/curtains on all windows – so Homfoto can edit and add “Blue Sky” to all windows. It is your sole responsibility to make sure that the property is ready for the photoshoot. Our photographer is there to take the photos based on a tight schedule, so please make sure the photographer can start taking photos as soon as he/she arrives at the property. Please see the “Home Preparation-Page” for helpful tips on preparing for the photoshoot. Please note: Cancellations/rescheduling of the photoshoot cannot be done 24 prior to the photoshoot. If you need to change the time within 24 hours, we will charge you a rescheduling-fee of $50. If you don’t show up to the scheduled photoshoot-appointment, we will not issue a refund, and you will have to place a new order if you wish to proceed. Homfoto has a no-refund policy, but we will be happy to give you a credit, in case you need to cancel the order. We recommend that you go over the photos with our photographer at the photoshoot, to make sure that you get the exact photos that you want. The photos that you have selected, will then be uploaded for editing, by our photographer. If you don’t go over the Photos, our photographer will select the best photos within the number of the ordered photos. Remember that you can always upgrade your Photo package, on-site with the Photographer if you need more Photos. When will ordered Add-On’s be delivered? Virtual Tour Video = is delivered next business day, after your photos have been delivered. ?(e.g. if you receive your photos on Monday, you will receive the Virtual Tour Video on Tuesday) Virtual Staging Photo(s) = Usually 48 hours delivery, after the delivery of your photos (e.g. if you receive your photos on Monday, you will receive the Virtual Staging Photo(s) on Wednesday) Complex Virtual Staging Photo(s) = Usually 72 hours delivery, after the delivery of your photos (e.g. if you receive your photos on Monday, you will receive the Virtual Staging Photo(s) on Friday). Hence, it takes a longer time to add walls/flooring and then furniture.


From time to time Homfoto may at its own discretion offer discounts or promotions. All terms of service herein listed apply, as well as limitations listed in this section.

Promotions, offers, and/or discounts cannot be combined.
Some promotions may have limited availability. Availability is not guaranteed and may end at Homfoto’ discretion
Duration of promotions are at RealtorShot’s discretion and may end without further notice.

Homfoto retains the right to change, add or amend any and all parts of this document without previous notification.