Real Estate Photo Shoot Prep Guide

by Sep 26, 2023Online Real Estate Marketing


General Interior.


Replace any burnt out bulbs, please try and match the bulb temperatures with like bulbs. Turn Lights on

Cords / Plugs / Devices

Unplug / remove and or tuck away any excess cords, usb chargers, lamp cords, remotes, that may be a destraction.


A fresh pass with the vacuum and a dusting of hardwood floors will freshen things up.

Windows / Doors

Clean any windows and or doors that need a touch up to remove dust, debris or fingerprints or animal noses.

Lamps / Lights

Check bulbs in lamps or lights on any furniture, hide any loose cords and tuc them away neatly.

Ceiling Fans

Turn off  fans for the duration of the shoot. If we are capturing video we will turn them on during the video shoot.


General Exterior.


Remove any vehicles from driveway, or RV’s, we also suggest parking away from the home in the event we are capturing aerial images.

Pool / Hot tub

Clean pool / hot tub and clear of any debris, remove automatic cleaning equipment if any and open pool umbrellas.

Patio / Balcony

Arrange any furniture, furniture cushions, remove grill covers, sweep or use a blower to remove any leaves, limbs and any other debris.

Garbage / Recycle Cans

Nothing is more unsightly than the garbage cans, tuck them away for the duration of the shoot.

Lawn / Landscape

Mow lawns, trim scrubs/trees, weed eat necessary. Clear flower bed of debris and add fresh mulch / pinestraw.

Bicycle / Sports Equip.

Store any bicycles, toys, sports equipment that may be visible around the property.


Kitchen | Dining


Keep them clear, less is more in the kitchen, remove any items to declutter counter tops.

Trash bins

Remove or hide any trash bins or recycling, tuck away in the pantry, under cabinets or place in garage.

Dishes / Food / Towels

Remove dishes or food from sink and or countertop. Including dish racks and hand towels.


Declutter any excess magnets, papers, pictures.

Table / Chairs

Tiddy up the dining table and chairs, remove any excess decor.


Clear away any clutter, arrange any decor and give it a fresh dusting.




Clear countertops. Remove lotion bottle, toothbrushes, medications, personal supplies, etc.

Toilet Seat

An oldie but a goodie, You’ve probably heard it before, “Put the toilet seat down”
Well, we want to continue that tradition

Toilet Paper

Our focus is certainly not on the toilet paper. But, it’s visible at times, we try not to show it, Try throwing on a a fresh roll.


Replace previously used towels with some fresh ones. Minimize how many towels are visible.

Rugs / Bath Mats

Sometimes it is good practice to remove the rugs for photos to help show more of the flooring.


It really helps to declutter smaller bathrooms to help keep the space feeling open and fresh.




Make all beds and straighten pillows, throw on a flat sheet or bedskirt to hide items under the bed.


Declutter or remove items from nightstands, check any bulbs on lamps and phone cords.

Toys / Games

Chances are the kids may have a few more toys than we remember, the fewer visible the better.


Generally we do not shoot the closets in most room, however if they are tidy they may make an appearance..

Dirty Clothes

Remove or hide any dirty clothes or laundry baskets that may be visible in the photographs.

Sleeping Zzz

We know youre ready call it quits and take a nap, but hang in there, we are almost done.


Pets | Misc



We all love our pups, anything that can be hidden that they left out will help us with the shoot. Dog beds, toys, etc..


Ok, we dont want to over do it MEOW, but moving any cat trees, condos or litter boxes, can mage a big difference.


We do not usually shoot the interior of garages, unless requested, please make sure it’s tidy and the doors are closed.


Add in some touches of color, some throw pillows or maybe some fresh fruit or flowers in the space to dress it up a bit.


Please be sure to indicate to your Realtor® if you would like the amenities to be photographed and that we will have access to them.


All of our staff have a set time for each client as they may have multiple shoots in a day, please be respectful of the time allowed for your shoot.

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